Cast and Crew


Dr Geoff Crawford

Creator, Producer, Presenter

Geoff C has a PhD in microbiology and still does casual teaching of medical students at Melbourne Uni. He has been an artificial inseminator, a prison officer, a senior lecturer, a volunteer fireman, a private pilot and many more things.

He started his consultancy business Access Academix ( in 1999. He started Estate Experts ( with his son Matt in 2007.

Geoff started collecting in 1963 – coins, banknotes and cheques. He now collects – bankcards and other credit cards, banking ephemera, Australian Banknotes and Japanese Invasion Money (JIM).

The idea for Antiques With Attitude came out of the work that Estate Experts does in clearing houses and Geoff’s passion for collecting. From the germ of an idea in 2013 Antiques With Attitude is in now in its third season and planning its fourth.


Claire Mueller


Claire Mueller has a TV and Film degree from Deakin University and is an original crew member on AWA as camera op and production assistant.

She is a quiet achiever on set. Claire had a couple of presenting gigs in Seasons One and Two and has taken up the reins for Season Three. Claire is impeccable groomed and dressed and brings a naiveté to her presenting roles but she is learning fast about the world of antiques and collectables.

She has sat in Lamborghini’s, been lost on a country road after running out of petrol with Geoff, been surrounded by wild animals…..

Her favourite saying “Sorry Geoff, I am running late!”


Abramo Peghini joined us in Season One as sound recordist, sound editor/mixer and sometime singer on set. Apart from great technical abilities his infectious grin and fascinating stories always make for a great shoot.

Abramo Peghini


Alex Keefe was co-presenter for a couple of episodes in Season Three. She had a great on screen presence and smile and is remembered for her immortal line “PUT that away Geoff!” Alex has also gone to WIN as a TV news reporter.

Alex Keefe

Alphonse Peters

Alphonse Peters is an original crew member - camera op and was the backbone of our team at the start. His years of experience have been greatly appreciated. Alphonse has a magic car boot that contains every accessory imaginable.

Alphonse Peters


Annie Slevison has recently joined AWA as a PA and caterer.

Annie Slevison


Carolyn Masson – has worked extensively on stage and screen. Carolyn played Catherine Eddowes in Season Two (Catherine’s Curios). Catherine was Jack The Ripper’s fourth victim and we set her in a pawn shop.

Carolyn Masson

Catherine Lorenz Thumb

Catherine Lorenz came to us from a teaching and acting background. Catherine has been involved in a number of shoots as PA and Caterer.

Catherine Lorenz

chris keating

Chris Keating has had gigs on Seasons One and Two as a guest. In Season Three he runs his own segments on old TV ads called “Blast From The Past”. Watch out for classic and nostalgic old ads.

Chris Keating


eCollie is our musician producing many cover versions of instrumentals for AWA as well as the original AWA Theme that runs under our Credits. You will hear many of his pieces during each show.



Emy Bourgeat is a recent addition to our camera crew. Emy is French and brings a refreshing aspect to her filming. Her camera work is great and we all appreciate her French Accent.

Emy Bourgeat


Erin Wigney is doing a double degree in Science and Biomedical Science at Monash University. In her spare time (!) she manages our website. We would like to get Erin in front of the camera sometime.

Erin Wigney


Jacques Sheard is an original crew member - camera op and gaffer. Jacques is an independent documentary producer with expertise in architecture and rural Council promotions and brings a wealth of experience to AWA.

Jacques Sheard


Joseph Chamsay has recently joined AWA as a PA.

Joseph Chamsay

Liz-at-the-Farm web

Liz Syber is a sponsor of AWA and has appeared as a guest in Seasons Two and Three. She has four segments in Season Three called “Dealing With Dealers”. Liz brings 40 years’ experience in antiques to AWA, lots of ideas and a great personality.

Liz Syber

Geoff Crawford

Maggie Raworth has a communications degree was a co-presenter with Geoff for seasons one and two. She is now a news reporter with WIN TV but she does appear in Season Three in episode one and the Mystery Object segments.

Maggie Raworth


Marko is irrepressible. He is a Presenter and a major sponsor on season’s two to four of AWA. Marko is the owner of The Amazing Mill Markets located at Geelong, Daylesford and Ballarat in Victoria.

Marko Ward


Matthew Crawford – Matt has a BA from Macquarie University and is currently studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. He is a partner in Estate Experts and is an avid collector, especially Meszaros works.

Matthew Crawford


Milijana Cancar – played Madame LaPage in Josephine’s Journal alongside Carolyn Masson. LaPage is the long suffering maid to Josephine. Often put upon but wiser than her mistress. Watch for her great expressions in Josephine’s Journal.

Milijana Cancar


Paul Johnston is completing a degree in Marketing at university and looks after our social media. He has some great ideas for our Facebook page. We are slowly turning him into a collector!

Paul Johnston

Ross Blackmore Thumb

Ross has a BA (Hons) Film & Media from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College and came to us in Season Two. He is a BBC Scotland trained professional of 14 years’ experience who brings a wealth of knowledge to our crew.

Ross Blackmore

stacey quime

Stacey Quine has a film and television degree and has been a vital part of the AWA team since Geoff interviewed her at a coffee shop in Glenferrie and appointed her to help get the show up and running.

Stacey Quine

Stas Solodkin thumb.PNG

Stas Solodkin was an original crew member is season one. Stas went off to pursue other interests at the end of Season One but has come back in Season Three to help out with a few shoots. Stas is good at hearing a butterfly land in the next suburb.

Stas Solodkin

Steph Ash

Steph Ash is our researcher and sometime runner and joined us in Season Three. She comes from a background in the public service and has a passion for history and old stuff. She is great in tracking down obscure references.

Steph Ash

tim oneill

Tim hails from Ireland and is an outstanding sound recordist. He stands 6’4” so no backchat from us. Like all good sound crew he is good at hearing all kinds of noises. We have had him sitting at the feet of an elephant although I think he prefers bar stools. Tim’s favourite saying”``: “I think that sound of the compressor, bird, car, fridge, ant with large feet will be OK. No wait, wait.....

Tim O’Neill


Zack Bendistinto started working with us whilst still at high school as a PA.

Zack Bendistinto


Zoe Winther – has had a number of roles including Camera Assistant, Camera Operator and Caterer. She has a Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communication) from RMIT University.

Zoe Winther